Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Album Proof

My new coffee table style album has a proofing method a little different from what I usually do...I love it. Your book is presented through an interface that makes it seem like you are turning the pages on an actual book. Go here to see what I mean:

The other thing I really like about this book is that the cover is printed and each page goes all the way across without won't find that in ANY book at this price. It also allows me to offer discounted copies in different sizes. Once the design work has been done, your family can benefit with copies or you can order a brag book for your purse and keep your big book home safe.

Things I don't like about this's more delicate than any of my other books. My leather bound books have a tougher cover and don't get this book wet, the pages will stick together as I found out when I took it out into a torrential rain storm (it was in a zippered bag and a few drops fell and caused two sets of pages to stick and tear). That might happen with my basic book but the magnetic fold in the better book would stop water short.

The Graphis Studio book and traditional albums still do the best job at protecting your pictures but this book is fantastic for the price and just as good as books that cost four times as much.

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