Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Newport Wedding

This recent wedding was unique in a lot of ways. First the families: the bride's family spoke French and the groom's family spoke Spanish. Then the bride and groom who are both in the service. Being ex-army myself, I have a soft spot for soldiers. It is so hard to balance being in the military and being in a family and my hat is off to the people who can make it work.

The ceremony took place at St. Mary's overlooking Lake Memphramagog.

I'm not usually a fan of white flowers...but I loved all the different shades of white in this bouquet. It looked very elegant against the white dress.

Then, we went over to the East Side...Deena always does such a great job with weddings and the East Side has is such a great setting for photos.

I could tell there was going to be a caking going on from Sarah's sly grin...and Juan got it right in the kisser.

I predict a "happily ever after" ending to this story. For more, go to Dona Davis.com

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding at the Alerin

I talk to people all the time who say "We are the funnest people. We are so fun and laid back,our wedding will just be a blast" Rarely is the actual wedding as low key as they predict...and it isn't their fault...lots of people are scared to death or so nervous they can hardly function. This last wedding at the Alerin was a big exception. It was one of those weddings that keep me going. It was one of those wedding that I can't wait to get home and edit the pictures and see them blown up big on my monitor. Fun was the name of the game!

The entire day was amazing after weeks of rain we had this one perfect, golden, breezy day. Close friends and family happily surrounded the couple and their adorable kids. My favorite venue, my favorite caterer (Sweet Basils) and even my neighbors were all on the team to make this wedding memorable and wonderful.

Here comes the bride...

And the groom can't take his eyes off of her...

The family makes their way down to the Alerin.

Have you ever seen so much air...and in a suit!?

The cake was cut with a sword that had been passed down through the groom's family and used to cut the cakes at every wedding going back generations.

There were serious and romantic moments...

And some not so serious moments!

And then there were sparks between them! For more images from this wedding visit donadavis.com