Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Basin Harbor Club Vergennes Wedding

If I had to use one word to describe this bride and this wedding I would use the word "elegant"! Ivory dress, pearl jewelry and white flowers -- every shade of white from the tiny porcelain like flowers in her hair to the deep cream of the roses she carried were represented. She looked stunning! I couldn't help but compare her to Vermeer's "Girl with Pearl Earring" classic beauty.

I love this dress' train. It is in such great proportion to the dress.

The groom looked happy enough to burst. He pretty much smiled constantly (I take that as a very good sign).
Basin Harbour has great spots to shoot inside...which was wonderful since it rained all day! A large covered veranda runs all the way around the building, offering sheltering views of the lake and grounds. Inside there are staircases, a grand piano, fireplaces and many quiet nooks.

The swing is wonderful...I love seeing two people so crazy about each other.

We did spend some time being silly!

And took advantage of the beautiful player grand in the parlor.

Here is the wedding party on the Veranda. Love the colored Adirondack very Vermont!

The Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes is a classic beauty as well with it's large veranda overlooking the harbor and stately trees. Boasting 125 years of existence...well, they know how to put on a party!
And then they danced!

And DANCED! The floor was over-flowing while the band, The Phil Abair Band, jammed! What a great band. Every member has a great voice so it's like having James Taylor, Smokey Robinson and Linda Ronstadt rolled into one rockin package. The jazzy dinner music and dance tunes made the party.

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