Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Burlington Bride

This wedding was up in Burlington. The new Catholic ceremony that I'm seeing more and more really makes pictures hard as the Bride and Groom spend the entire ceremony with their backs to everyone. But, a wedding is not about the pictures and there was plenty of time to get great pictures afterwards in different locations.

That's why it is sometimes vitally important to get pictures done before the ceremony. Not only did we get bridal photos but also pictures with the family and bride's maids.

One thing to think about, as this bride did, was that confession is on Saturday evening starting at 4pm (before Saturday mass) so you have to get out of there pretty quickly after a late afternoon wedding (which this one was).

The pews were full by the time we went back inside which meant no lights could be set up and no picture with the priest who was already hearing confession. Off we went in search of greener photographic pastures...not hard in Vermont.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

East Side, Newport Wedding

I'm always thrilled when a wedding is at a place that I know will do a fantastic job. Dee Ann at the East Side in Newport Vermont runs such a place. It's always the people you can count on rather than the location and Dee Ann knows how to run a party.

Lake Memphremagog is a spectacular backdrop for any wedding and this particular wedding was taking full advantage of the location with a boat ride for the bridal party to the docks at the East's that for parking?

After dinner and drinks the B&G slipped away for their photos. The grounds at the East Side gave us a lot of options, as you can see.

The dancing never stopped

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Romantic Tourterelle

Tourterelle is the French word for turtle dove, that most romantic of creatures, symbol of love. The Tourterelle is an equally romantic wedding venue designed and conceived to add a touch of romantic magic to your special event. Conveniently located less than thirty miles South of Burlington in New Haven Vermont.

Tourterelle is nestled among farm fields and surrounded by mountain views it scores high on all points for a wedding location being convenient for guests, gorgeous for photos, romantic, and run by the owners--which means every detail is attended to with pride.

Abby and Justin were getting ready in the main house of the Inn, upstairs from the lovely dining room. The inn is an old manor house that has been modernized for comfort while all the details lovingly preserved that convey an elegant sense of tradition and history.

The wedding took place by the pond (with fountain). We had perfect weather and what a treat to be outdoors on such a lovely day among the gardens and grounds. We felt like we had been transported back in time. The family and their friends couldn't have been was the staff at the Inn. Christine made sure every detail was perfect...from the iced tea laid out for thirsty guests to last bit of dancing that night.

Abby had Flutist Lisa Carlson to play for the ceremony. Lisa was a wonderfully elegant addition to the ceremony...making everything perfect.

Abby couldn't stop smiling...always a good sign.

Then it was off to take pictures all over the grounds! My favorite part!

Then...It was time to go party!

Tourterelle's food is all local organic fare made delectable by chef Bill. There's even a kitchen garden out back -- no wonder it tastes so fresh!

And then...they lived happily ever after.