Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Burlington Bride

This wedding was up in Burlington. The new Catholic ceremony that I'm seeing more and more really makes pictures hard as the Bride and Groom spend the entire ceremony with their backs to everyone. But, a wedding is not about the pictures and there was plenty of time to get great pictures afterwards in different locations.

That's why it is sometimes vitally important to get pictures done before the ceremony. Not only did we get bridal photos but also pictures with the family and bride's maids.

One thing to think about, as this bride did, was that confession is on Saturday evening starting at 4pm (before Saturday mass) so you have to get out of there pretty quickly after a late afternoon wedding (which this one was).

The pews were full by the time we went back inside which meant no lights could be set up and no picture with the priest who was already hearing confession. Off we went in search of greener photographic pastures...not hard in Vermont.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, Kelly. That comment wasn't directed at the bride and groom--Hillary is a lovely person who was a pleasure to shoot. It's just a common problem and not just at this wedding but many others. Often there is no way to get food of any kind (like when you are in a tent or at a barn way out in the country). The comment was not meant to reflect on anyone in particular but to raise awareness on a very common situation.

    I'm sorry you felt it was a personal jab. My husband thought I should move the comment out of this spot and put it somewhere it wouldn't be associated with any one person, and I have taken it out and will probably bring it up in a general blog entry. It happens at quite a few weddings, though my blog is pretty recent and it was not meant as a personal rant.