Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away....or not.

This is a classic Vermont wedding problem. We have all this natural beauty and it naturally gives rise to thoughts of fall foliage weddings or spring gardens. Here is Jenn, moments before her wedding at the beautiful Alerin Barn looking out onto a torrential downpour! I know that rain is supposed to be good luck at a wedding but what do you do with all your careful plans?

There is actually a lot you can do. Sometimes the clouds lift and you are left with a wonderland of dew dropped flowers and spectacular skies and sometimes it just rains...all day.
That's when good planning pays off. Choose a venue with porches (like the one above) to get great pictures outside without getting all wet.

Umbrellas make it work too...I love umbrella shots. The Round Barn in Waitsfield has them at the ready for just such instances and they make for wonderfully fun and romantic pictures.

Of course, we don't even have to go outside for great pictures. Above is natural light from a window in Grace Church, St. Johnsbury. It can make pictures very dramatic--in fact there wasn't rain at this wedding but the bride wanted shots done inside the church.

This family came all the way from Florida for their Vermont wedding at Jay Peak...it's a good thing I pack studio lights to every wedding because it poured all day and there was almost no chance to get pictures outside. So never let rain dampen your spirits. The pictures will still be great, it will still be a blast (with all your friends, how can you miss) and fate owes you one...maybe you can use it on your honeymoon.

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