Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Round Barn Waitsfield, Vermont Photographer

This Tuesday wedding had a lot of strikes against it from the start. The bride and groom were moving from Beirut to Texas. The Groom's parents live in Canada, so they decided to have the wedding at the The Round Barn in Waitsfield, Vermont. I never got to meet any of the bridal party or family until an hour or so before the wedding. They only wanted to have me for four hours (which is always challenging) and rained!

It just shows you that "weddings happen" regardless of what you do or what goes wrong and this wedding turned out to be lovely. The day was hot but the bride was excited and composed...ready for anything (always good).

Her brother walked her "down the aisle" meaning across the field and the rain held off just enough to make it through the entire ceremony with nothing more than sprinkles.

Someone brought black umbrellas out after the ceremony. Of course this caused the rain to go away and leave us with a dramatic sky. Funny how it always seems to work that way.

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