Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alerin Barn, St. Johnsbury, Wedding Photographer

This past weekend was spectacular...after some worrying news from the weather man. It was one of those times that I don't know what to mention first! The adorable three year old flower girl...how nice everyone was...the bride and groom...the venue...the music...everything was so great that I want to mention it all.

The Alerin Barn is one of my favourite places to shoot. The Tomlinson's, who built, conceived, run and own the barn really know how to take all the pressure off of everyone involved in the wedding...weddings just magically happen at the Alerin...thanks to Christy's seamless organisational skills and attention to detail.

Every time I go back there is something new and exciting at the Alerin Barn. The new gardens and topiary are lovely touches and the huge covered porch around the house has been made into a cozy place for pictures and cocktails. There is even a romantic "shepherd's camp" to steal away to if the bride and groom want a romantic moment alone.

This wedding, however, had a musical talent...phenomenon, really, in the form of a violinist who has recently come back to the area: Patrick Ross(www.profiddler.com).

He played gorgeous classical violin up on the hill for the guest as they assembled for the ceremony, played the bride down the aisle and back, and I was thinking "classical violinist" and wondering what orchestra he played with. Then, as we headed down the hill he broke into a rousing Celtic fiddle to start the celebration.

If that wasn't enough, Patrick was also the DJ and in what is probably the most memorable musical moment of any reception, while the bride was dancing with one of the guests to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and right in the middle of the big fiddle solo, the music went low and Patrick ran down the stairs and played and danced for the screaming, laughing, delight of everyone watching.

He truly is an act to remember...you can reach Patrick at worldfiddler@hotmail.com . You will be impressed, amazed and delighted with his talent!

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  1. Thank you so very much for the kind words Dona. Your photography is priceless!
    Let's keep in touch.

    -Patrick Ross-