Saturday, June 19, 2010

Green wedding Vermont photos

What better place to have a green wedding than the green mountain state...Vermont. It's practically a no-brainer. Vermont is the only Northeastern state able to comply with the current "Clean Air Act". Vermont is the home of "Cow Power" which takes methane from dairy barns and converts it into electricity and Vermonters are crazy about their wilderness and work hard to preserve their clear streams and wildlife habitat. Since green is so much a part of how Vermonters choose to live and work, you will find that creating your green, eco-friendly wedding is a lot easier here than in most of the world.

First you will want a about a custom, eco-friendly hemp creation? Tara Lynn studios in Sutton Vermont is where you want to go. These dresses are very earth friendly and one of a kind creations just as comfortable in art galleries as they are on runways. Tara Lynn studio is even solar powered so you really can't get much greener.

What about shoes? How about shoes made from recycled material and certified vegan? Lenny's Shoe and Apparel in Barre, Simon the Tanner in Island Pond and Johnson Farm and Home in Johnson, Vermont carries them... Simple Shoes have sandals that will match your dress and your ethics perfectly. My daughter got a pair of these just before heading to Germany for the year. If you know anything about Europe, that meant daily walking and lots of it. She was amazed that the shoes lasted the entire year being worn almost every day and walking constantly.

Next, consider a caterer whose vegetarian creations are so good that no one will even notice that there isn't the usual meat centric offerings normally featured at weddings. Sweet Basil Cafe in Lyndonville, Vermont will create a wedding feast you will be proud to serve. It's just good food, exquisitely presented and seasoned to perfection with many of the ingredients coming straight out of their garden...organically grown of course.

A fair trade, blood diamond free ring is a little harder to find. Perrywinkle's, in Burlington (227 Main Street) advertise that they are blood free diamond retailers. For a band I would recommend Vermont artist Jim Sardonis. He created my husband's and my wedding bands and we couldn't be happier. Jim is the creator of the whale's tails along hwy 89 just south of Burlington and his work is found in private and public collections across the country. We are fortunate to have such a great artist in our midst and he is supremely easy to work with and very down-to-earth. He will create the green wedding ring you desire for the asking.

What about arriving in style burning hay instead of gas? Horse drawn carriages are a little fancier than a bicycle built for two and a whole lot more romantic. Hayden Tanner, of West Burke can pick you up in style with his carriage and his organically fed Belgian horses. All of Hayden and Elizabeth Tanner's livestock is organic and humanely raised. If you are lucky, you might even be able to get some of their maple syrup--which is harvested with the same horses that would pull your carriage or sleigh, if your wedding falls during Vermont's beautiful winter.

Decorations and wedding favors are your chance to get really creative. These pumpkins and gourds make wonderful, whimsical center pieces that celebrate abundance. Maple syrup favors are always great and since Vermont is the nation's top producer of maple products you will find them everywhere. What about some of Vermont's wicked Good Wild Apple Butter or Pumpkin Butter from Sweet Basil Cafe in Lyndonville? Harvested from local wild apples and organically grown pumpkins it is a taste of Vermont that you and your guests will love.

Finally, what about your photographer? Make sure you are taking advantage of the digital age with digital proofing option...way more eco friendly than printed proofs. In addition to using less paper and chemical for printing, Dona Davis Photography is proud to announce that green wedding albums are now available! Made entirely from recycled and green materials but giving you the same archival and high quality you want in a wedding album. You will not feel that you have been cutting back with these albums from GP Albums. Green is the new black!

So go green at your wedding in the green mountain state. You won't have to scrimp on style or taste.

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