Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Album

Christmas came early with the arrival of my new album. I was holding my breath waiting to see if it would be all it promised to be. I was thrilled when it arrived and turned out to be as wonderful as I had hoped.

The printing is fantastic. The album has a hard cover that is fully printed on the spine and front. Each page is printed uninterrupted across the entire width of the this case 24 inches across so you can have really striking layouts with huge images on them--think of it, an 8x10 doesn't even take up the whole page! This is wonderful for those big group and wedding party shots.

It costs the same as my standard album but with some very key improvements. The differences include that it has 50 pages instead of 30 pages and each page is 12x12 instead of 10x10 which means you can get many more photos in each album. Who doesn't want more pictures! That will surely help people having a hard time choosing. It is slimmer because the pages are thinner--not card stock but thick photo pages that are printed on both sides. That will make storage easier. It will fit on a bookshelf like an expensive coffee table book and the spine is printed so you will always be able to find it. Parent albums and companion books can be printed from the same design, taking the time out and lowering the cost to you while giving you a much better book.

I'm so happy to be able to offer this kind of quality, one of a kind, album and hope you will make time to see it in person soon.

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