Friday, July 30, 2010

Grace Church, St. Johnsbury, VT Wedding Photos,

Mary & Robert

Vermont has such lovely old churches. So much so, that it would be hard to pick just one as a favorite. Grace would make it on the short list. One thing about Grace is that it has places for the bride and groom to get ready that are beautiful places to shoot.

Here Mary and her rainbow of daughters and now step-daughters got ready for the big day. They were a pleasure to shoot. Like a bouquet of flowers with Mary right in the center: a white rose.

(click on the image to see bigger version)

Grace also has a choir loft that is just above and behind the altar. It's perfect for shooting without being in the way. Don't they look happy together?

We took pictures in the garden and in front of Grace first. Everyone who was at the wedding got into one big group shot.
After Grace, we went over to the Elks Lodge in Saint Johnsbury. This is not your typical Elks Lodge. It is a graceful, old mansion with marbled pillars and deeply carved molding. It is every bit as beautiful as some B&B's. While you won't have an Inn Keeper to rely on to get the details right, they do have a kitchen staff that does a great job with banquets.

This cake topper is spun glass...very unique!

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