Monday, May 10, 2010

Beat Back Blah Photos

I get pretty tired of the "kid against the tree" photo that you see year after year and page after page in every senior yearbook. Portraits should be a little bit exciting and different. They shouldn't trigger the yawn response. So I was thrilled to meet Bekki and learn that she wanted an urban look to her images. She met me at the skate park in St. Johnsbury to start our session. The skate park has large murals that look like very artistic and socially aware graffiti with an unkempt look that gives the shots an edge. When you put a beautiful young lady in this setting it is like finding a flower growing up through the crack in the sidewalk--stunning. That dandelion on your lawn with it's hundred cousins doesn't even register but in the crack of the sidewalk it suddenly becomes note-worthy and beautiful.

Our next stop was in the rail yard where the sun was streaming in emphasising Bekki's blonde hair and blue eyes. The tracks guide your eyes straight to Bekki and she is the last thing you expect to see there. For more of this photo shoot check out the whole gallery here:

So, don't be afraid to get creative with your portrait and step away from the ordinary. It pays with truly unique and surprisingly beautiful images. One more example before I go is my three sons, all dressed for my oldest's wedding shot at one of those horrid motels on the steps. Setting certainly isn't everything!

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